Create An Advert


To create an advert, please follow the instructions below:

  1. You should already be logged in as a member, so your contact name and email should already be pre-filled, you may just need to add your phone number.
  2. Under “Item Information” add a title, ideally the Horse Name, Sex & Age
  3. Choose all relevant “Categories” by ticking the adjoining boxes (this is very important otherwise your advert will not be listed)
  4. Add some images, you can drag & drop or upload, landscape format are best. Please make sure the images are each less than 1 megabyte!
  5. Add a “Description” – this is a formatted text editor, so if you are copying and pasting text, it is a good idea to highlight all the text and select “clear formatting” under the “format” menu.
  6. Add a “Price” – if you do not want to advertise a price, please just enter £0.00 as this is a numerical field and will not accept POA etc
  7. Add a “Location” by entering your nearest town/village and county – this is not an address field.
  8. Hit “Preview”, check your advert and then hit “Publish”
  9. Your advert will remain listed until you remove it. You can edit, update or delete your advert by following the “Manage your Advert” link within the Members Area.

We don’t like rules, but we have to make a few for everyone’s benefit:

  1. In the spirit of this being a UK based membership association, all advertising should conform to the following premise:
    1. Your Horse
    2. Which is based in the UK
  2. Notwithstanding a few members that are perhaps based abroad that wish to advertise a horse or two, and trainers/producers that are advertising a client’s horse that is in their care, any horses advertised should be registered in your name and located in the UK.
  3. By provision of the above terms, advertising is not therefore accepted from agents or dealers.
  4. You are in charge of your own adverts, so are responsible for their accuracy and agree to remove any advert promptly when it is no longer required.
  5. We will try to help where necessary, but please follow the instructions and if you can’t manage it, don’t add it.
  6. GB PRE offers this facility for its members and does not limit the number of adverts you run. But please don’t assume we give you carte blanche to take advantage.
  7. Those members that are found to be regularly listing numerous horses that are not their own will be asked to refrain, and subsequently blocked from doing so.
  8. These terms of advertising are deliberately loosely worded; please help to keep them so by using this facility sensibly and fairly.
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