ANCCE Cup for Dressage Rules



All ANCCE rules must be adhered to, a full copy of these rules are available here.


1) The calendar of qualifiers at affiliated BD venues in the UK has been approved by ANCCE and British Dressage (BD).


2) The ANCCE Cup Champion for each qualifying competition, at the respective level, shall be the horse that earns the highest score at any one of the competitions where it participates and the winner will be awarded with the ANCCE gold medal.


3) The system for Qualification for the Final: The finalists for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage will consist of ten horses, at each level, that have competed and qualified in Spain. These scores are determined by the total number of accumulated points, calculated from the top 3 scores achieved during the qualifying period (1st January – 1st October of each year).


4) British qualifiers will occupy additional places on top of these ten horses that have qualified in Spain. We are waiting to hear from ANCCE on the final criteria but we are assuming this will become evident when using the same scoring system in the UK.


5) Scoring system:


ANCCE Score-based Result (%)

80 – 100%50.50
75 – 79.999%40.40
72 – 74.999%30.30
70 – 71.999%25.25
68 – 69.999%20.20
66 – 67.999%15.15
64 – 65.999%10.10
62 – 63.999%5.50
60 – 61.999%3.03
58 – 59.999%2.02*
55 – 57.999%1.01*

(*) Only in Junior Classes

Classification-based Result:



6) The scores per each qualification shall have corrective coefficients according to the competition category:

  • CDI and CDI-W Coefficient of 1.5
  • National Championships (BD) : Coefficient of 1.3
  • CDN3*, Premier Leagues and Regionals: Coefficient of 1.2
  • Young Horse Selection Tests & BD Classes**: Coefficient of 1.0

** BD Classes are those that have been approved by ANCCE and BD in our official Calendar.


7) To compete in the final at SICAB in Seville, all competitors must provide the GBPRE Organising Committee with the Federation License for riders as well as the horses ID in the form of an International “FEI Passport”.  The passport must be presented to the GBPRE Organising Committee to confirm that the horse is PRE (Purebred Spanish horse) and this horse must be registered with ANCCE.


8) No points will be awarded below 60% which is the minimum % for each level (see tables above) unless the rider is a Junior. It is more likely ANCCE will offer a place to compete at the final when the points achieved are in the higher region.


9) GBPRE will maintain a leaderboard for each year showing the scores for each horse and rider combination.


10) GBPRE will keep ANCCE Dressage committee updated on a monthly basis with the latest scores for our competitors in the UK.