The BD GBPRE Dressage Championships are open to both Pure and Part-bred PREs.

To qualify for these Championships, riders need to be a minimum of an associate member on an associate horse with BD (both free of charge). All horses must also be registered ANCCE and all Riders and Owners must be members of GBPRE. This allows the combination to compete at prelim level.  Novice and above will require class tickets to compete unless you are a full BD member. BD will provide two free class tickets to anyone who is not a full member who would like to try and qualify.

For the Final, riders need to be a full BD member on an associate (free) horse with BD.


We are delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to qualify in the UK for the prestigious ANCCE Cup for Dressage held at SICAB, Seville in November.

The Calendar of qualifying venues, approved by ANCCE and BD, is available below. Please enter as normal through BD and send us a copy of your score sheet to be included in the UK League table to dressage@gbpre.co.uk

We are still unsure of the final qualifying criteria required as we are awaiting ANCCE’s decision on this protocol and will update members as soon as this is clarified.

Our synopsis of the entry rules and scoring system is available here, whilst the full ANCCE document is available here.