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Show Information – Class and Special Prizes

We believe that some background information regarding the different Classes and how they are run will prove invaluable, as this show does operate under ANCCE Rules and Regulations (Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española / The National Association for Breeders of Pure Bred Spanish Horses).

2016 was our inaugural Show and it has grown steadily each year. This show amalgamates The National Championship Show and the ANCCE UK International Qualifier Championship. Combining the two has meant a much larger show across 3 days which should attract larger entries and a much more exciting ‘holiday’ atmosphere with a combination of pure showing classes and all the ridden disciplines, plus BD Affiliated dressage.

All horses entering the ANCCE Classes are shown in-hand. Colts and fillies of one, two and three years have to demonstrate walk, trot and canter on the lunge then trot a long straight-line past and back to the judges during which time they are marked on their 3 gaits. They are then presented to the judges standing square with immobility and to have their conformation scored. The horses are then placed in order of the highest combined movement and conformation scores with a special award in each Class for the horse with the highest individual Movement score.

Stallions, four years old and over repeat the above process but it is also compulsory for stallions to complete a pre-determined ridden test in a dressage arena – this is called the Functionality test which is similar to an Elementary dressage test, making it achievable for all ridden horses that take part from the age of 4 upwards. The in-hand score is then modified to 75% of the whole and added to 25% of the Functionality score and the horses are placed according to these combined marks. Additionally, the best Movement in each class goes forwards to the Movement Championship.

The format for mares, four years old and over is the same as the format for stallions and there are also Best Movement awards in each Class. For mares, the Functionality test is not compulsory although it is optional. However, owners are encouraged to compete with their mares under saddle.

A Cobra of 3 mares is demonstrated by an exhibitor showing their 3 mares linked – i.e. joined together, via their head collars or neck collars, some of which carry bells. It is preferable to have 3 mares of very similar stamp. This Class takes great preparation as occasionally foals at foot have to be taken into account.

There is also a Class for Geldings 4 years old and over where the format is the same as the stallions, this is not affiliated to ANCCE but we run it under the same Rules.

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