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We launched this unique series last year and due to its success, we are bringing back an improved version for 2020!

Open to GBPRE Members, and exclusive to Part Bred PREs, including those registered with BAPSH as Register II, III & IV and any other stud book or passport issuing office (PIO). Any member of GBPRE with a horse that is partly PRE or of Spanish Type can enter and it’s completely free. Just download a score card and start logging your points! More information is available below.

Qualifying year: 2020 – points earned between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020

Available Downloads:

We all know how versatile the PRE is, and we introduced this series to also recognise and include all those part-bred and ‘of Spanish type’ horses out there having amazing success.


There are a number of recognised PRE part-breds – Aztecas, Warlanders, Spanish Normans, Hispano Arabs, Tres Sangres – and the PRE has produced some very successful crosses with warmbloods, Lusitanos, Welsh and many more. Owners of these horses are often asked their breeding and we want to recognise the enormous diversity that exists out there using PRE blood.


For a PRE stud owner, there is obvious gain to be had from promoting these crosses as owners looking to introduce Spanish blood will come looking for good stallions (or mares) to produce some great crosses. For owners of existing part-breds, we salute the hours of work some of you are putting in out there competing and having fun with your horses. You are promoting the Spanish horse every time you go out and we would like to recognise those of you that are doing so.


The competition is open from 1 July to 30 June each year, with an award ceremony at the following GBPRE National Championship Show.


How do you enter?
Full rules are available above, but in essence, you download the ‘Points Record Card’ and complete it every time you enter a competition during the competition period.


Horses are to be BAPSH register II, III or IV or you need a passport to prove your horse’s breeding if registered with another Association/Society. The person entering the horse (owner OR rider) needs to be a GBPRE member.


You then collect points each time you go out and compete. All competitions are eligible – in-hand showing, ridden showing, agility, working equitation, endurance rides, dressage (affiliated and unaffiliated), show jumping, cross country, driving etc.


The most number of points earned in the period will be announced as the winner. But, it’s not a case of quantity over quality – there are rules about numbers of classes accepted to make it fairer for those who do not have the time or opportunity to be out competing every weekend.


If you own a part-bred, start collecting your points and updating your ‘Points Record Card’ – it’s free to enter! We look forward to seeing your stories of success throughout the next year.

1. The Competition is open to stallions, mares and geldings of four years and over.
2. All horses must be registered with BAPSH as Part-bred, Hispano Arabe or of Spanish Type (Regs II, III & IV). Registration number must be completed on the ‘Points Record Card’ or a copy of another Passport (from different Association or Society) confirming the horse’s breeding, must be attached to your entry.
3. Either the owner or the rider, whoever submits the entry, must be a member of GBPRE during the period that points are collected and when the ‘Points Record Card’ is submitted.
4. The competition will run annually from 1st July to 30th June inclusive.
5. Completed ‘Points Record Card’ together with a copy of the passport (if required) must be emailed to Michelle Snelling by the 14th of July of each year. Those received after this date will be rejected. No late entries will be accepted.
6. Points that cannot be verified will be disallowed. A competitor will be disqualified if rules are not adhered to. Appeals will not be allowed.
7. Results will be posted on the GBPRE website after the National Championship Show. The winners will be informed by email prior to the Show.
8. Any horse sold during the competition year may have points gained before the sale transferred to the new owner on application to GBPRE, subject to the new owner becoming a member of GBPRE
9. A maximum of 25 shows are allowed in a year and a maximum of 3 classes a day. If more shows are attended, please cross out shows that are not to be counted.
10. Points are awarded for the 1st-6th place in any event completed.

Please submit your score card to us by email, before the 14th July in the qualifying year, in order to qualify for that year’s competition. Here’s how:

1. Submit your details: owner’s name, rider’s name (if different from owner), email address.
2. Horse’s details: name, age, sex, breed, BAPSH Reg. Number.
3. Attach a copy of your completed score card – you can either scan a copy or take a photo with your phone/tablet device.
4. Email to Michelle Snelling at

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