Peter Maddison-Greenwell accepts role of GB PRE Traditional Consultant

Peter Maddison-Greenwell

Peter Maddison-Greenwell accepts role of GB PRE Traditional Consultant

Peter Maddison-GreenwellWe are proud to announce that Peter Maddison-Greenwell has accepted our invitation to take on the new role of Traditional Consultant at GB PRE.

After a number of meetings between Peter and Michelle Enoch they have together produced a plan to promote Doma Vaquera and Alta Esquela in the UK, working closely with ANCCE.

“It gives me great pleasure to accept the invitation to work with GBPRE and ANNCE to promote Doma Vaquera and Alta Esquela in the UK,” added Peter.

For many years there has been serious interest and following for the Traditional dress classes for our beloved Spanish Horses. In the past, annual breed shows and other national shows such as The Royal Windsor Horse Show have demonstrated the attraction and fascination of our historical breed.

We hope that with his experience, Peter will be able to raise the profile and understanding of Doma Vaquera and Alta Esquela in the UK, as GB PRE has already succeeded in doing with Spanish Horses in the dressage world, here in the UK.

Peter also expressed, “As owners in the past and now, of both pure and part bred Spanish horses, I share this commitment with Michelle Enoch who champions the Partbred within GBPRE. We both recognise the important role of all partbreds as well as purebreds. It is my belief that through Doma Vaquera and Alta Esquela we can really appreciate the versatility of the horse and its work in these truly traditional and practical pursuits.”

We believe there is no one better for the job than Peter. His obvious passion and history in this field go back to 1986. This year Peter, with co-founder and partner Danielle Lawniczak, celebrate thirty years of performing with “The Horse of Spain” their renowned company El Caballo de España who have given nearly three thousand performances at the most prestigious and historical venues. Few have done more to promote the breed and culture of the Spanish Horse.

In addition to this Peter has in the past served the Spanish Horse community for over sixteen years as a committee member, Vice President and President of BAPSH. At times steering the association through some difficult periods and has helped drive the steady growth and recognition of the Spanish horse, in the UK.

His Book “Living and Working with Horse of Spain” has been the source of information and inspiration for many worldwide. Published in the UK, America and Spain it captures the essence of the Spanish horse’s history and training across all aspects including of course Doma Vaquera, Alta Esquela and Garrocha.

Peter is a well respected International Dressage Trainer. His clinics or many years have benefited classical and competitive riders from novice to the highest levels, in America, Germany, Spain and even Dubai. His network of regular clinics throughout the UK gives members a “go to” source to learn, knowing there is true passion and many years experience in all aspects of the Spanish Horse and of course in Doma Vaquera, Alta Esquela and Garrocha.

Peter will be judging for us again this year. Many of you will remember his judging in 2016 as well as his moving historical display on PRE stallion Alamillo and Fantastic Garrocha piece to music on St Pirans and Christine Hall’s Champion Stallion PRE Penueco.

Peter will be outlining his ideas and plans for the future shortly. We have asked him to give a talk at the breed show outlining his vision and ideas for Alta Esquela and Doma Vaquera in the future here in the UK.

“As many of you will know ANCCE runs competitions for only purebreds in both Doma Vaquera and Alta Esquela. This year there will classes for both under ANCCE rules, judged by Philip Belhoussine, an approved ANCCE judge,” Peter hinted.

“However, in recognition that these two principles are still in their infancy in the UK, I have suggested we run “unaffiliated” classes, in much the same way dressage has both affiliated and unaffiliated. I believe that the grassroots are very important. It will give the UK a chance to grow steadily, much as Working Equitation has over recent years. People will be able to participate in both, in suitable smart showing or dressage attire and for a period of time “dress” rules can be relaxed for unaffiliated classes with no points given for traditional attire in itself.”

We hope that you will welcome Peter Maddison-Greenwell in this role and do all you can to support him and the committee in this commitment to you the members as owners, breeders and riders. We want you to benefit and enjoy all aspects of your wonderful Purebred and Partbred Spanish horses.

Peter’s clinics are open to all comers at all levels on all breeds, where you can learn Vaquera, Alta Escuela and Garrocha as well as classical and competition dressage.

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