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GBPRE is required by law to obtain the approval of its members by special or ordinary resolution in order to carry out certain actions, e.g. to change its articles of association or to alter its status by re-registering as a public or private company. A general meeting of the members can be called and held at any point, and any number of times, in a year in order for the members to pass resolutions to carry out certain changes or approve certain actions. An AGM is a general meeting that we are required to hold each year, and is usually the only one we hold. The meeting is used to discuss things like financial matters that must be dealt with each financial year, re-election of directors, fixing the remuneration of auditors and consideration of the annual accounts, directors’ and auditors’ reports. Other matters are often discussed such as rule changes, members’ considerations, our annual Championship Breed Show. Notice is required to be given at least 14 days before the intended meeting date. 


General meetings and AGMs are only open to fully paid-up members.

AGM 2023 - notice to members

Notice for the eighth Annual General Meeting of GBPRE LTD
(the Company) will be shown here, giving the required period of notice, in due course

AGM 2022 - notice to members

Notice is hereby given that the seventh Annual General Meeting of GBPRE LTD
(the Company) will be held at 2 pm until 4 pm on Saturday 28 May 2022. 


Members, please login to your account and click on the AGM link from your dashboard for further details and to complete the form to indicate your attendance. 


Please respond by 21 May 2022 at the latest


Thank you

Naomi Vance-Webb

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