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We all know how versatile the PRE is, and we introduced this award series celebrate and congratulate the owners of all types of Spanish horse, out enjoying their beautiful horses and showing the world what they’re capable of. 
There are a number of recognised PRE part-breds – Aztecas, Warlanders, Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses, Spanish Normans, Hispano Arabs, Tres Sangres – and the PRE has produced some very successful crosses with warmbloods, Lusitanos, Welsh and many more. 
Owners of these horses are often asked their breeding and we want to recognise the enormous diversity that exists out there using PRE blood. For a PRE stud owner, there is obvious gain to be had from promoting these crosses as owners looking to introduce Spanish blood will come looking for good stallions (or mares) to produce some great crosses. 
For owners of existing part-breds, we salute the hours of work some of you are putting in out there competing and having fun with your horses. 
You are promoting the Spanish horse every time you go out and we would like to recognise those of you that are doing so. The competition is open throughout the year, culminating in an awards announcement at the end of the year and a featured spread in the GB PRE Yearbook.
Qualifying year: 2023 – points earned between January 2023 and December 2023

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