GB PRE (est 2016)

ANCCE official UK Representative for Competitions & TRC
Including Morphology Competitions, Copa ANCCE for – Dressage, Working Equitation, Doma Vaquera & Alta Escuela

The Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) has been represented in the UK since 1982 when the British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse Ltd (BAPSH) was founded.  In 2016 it was decided that BAPSH would be responsible for horse registrations and basic gradings and GB PRE would be responsible for membership and all other activities including ANCCE Morphology Competitions, Copa ANCCE for – Dressage, Working Equitation, Doma Vaquera & Alta Escuela plus TRC Evaluations.


GB PRE was established in 2016 and since then it has managed events including the annual Championship Breed Show, competitions and promotion of the PRE and PRE-Fusion (Part Bred PREs) and associated breeds, clinics and educational seminars.  Membership with GB PRE offers benefits including discounted entries at the Championship show, an annual yearbook, free on line seminars/educational meetings plus exclusive discounts and offers.  


There are two popular social media pages  This is the main group and This is our dedicated page for PRE Fusions.


BAPSH Ltd is a DEFRA approved UK Equine Passport office (DEFRA UELN 826003). BAPSH administrate the National Studbooks for Purebred Spanish Horses (Pura Raza Española or PREs), PRE Fusion Horses (PFH), Hispano-Arab Horses (HA), Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses (SSSH), Spanish-Norman Horses (SNH), and Albion Azteca Horses (AAH). BAPSH also looks after the needs of non-pedigree PRE-type and PRE Fusion-type horses without certified pedigrees (Andalusians) in Appendix A or B of the PRE Fusion Horse Studbook.  BAPSH can help with changes of ownership, foal registrations and horses that have been imported.


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