Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving

Felix Brasseur, World Carriage Driving Champion, states that the most eye-catching of these horses is their ability to adapt; almost without any training. While still young, vigorous and entire, they are easy to handle and immediately respond well to learning. After pulling a tyre around the ground for five days, they are then able to pull a two-wheel vehicle; two days later they are able to pull a four-wheel carriage, and six days later, they hit the road with no indication of objection.

Controlling them with long reins, safety and skilled driving may be learned, but it is an extremely difficult art that the Purebred Spanish Horses performs perfectly. The breed’s ability for traction is based on how its back functions, the possibility of using the flexibility of its loin, which allows the hindquarters to push the horse forward without damaging its hocks.

In any case, this discipline requires maximum understanding between driver and horses. It is something that the driver attains by taking advantage of the intelligence and obedience of the PRE.

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