COPA ANCCE Alta Escuela (Spanish High School Dressage)

COPA ANCCE Alta Escuela (Spanish High School Dressage)

The Alta Escuela or High School or Haute Ecole, is classical dressage including basic and high school dressage. It is a discipline with rules, competitions, and an organization in charge of its promotion and development.

The Alta Escuela takes its roots in classical dressage from the XVIII century and has preserved its traditions, language, tack, and attire as well as all the beauty of riding the basic or highest movements codified during The Age of Enlightenment, in harmony.

GB PRE hosts the only Alta Escuela competition in the UK with the opportunity to qualify for SICAB with a wild card.

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Doma Vaquera
(Country Dressage)

Alta Esquela
(Spanish High
School Dressage)