Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book


ANCCE is the officially recognized Association to handle the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book (known by the abbreviation LG PRE ANCCE) and to manage the breed’s Breeding Program.

A Purebred Spanish Horse is considered as such if and when it is registered in the PRE Stud Book, managed by ANCCE, to thus participate in the Breeding Program. The PRE Stud Book is the body that issues Equine Identification Documents (EID) for all Purebred Spanish Horses in the world.  For this task, ANCCE uses a sophisticated, internet-based IT tool that maintains contact among all those involved in stud book business and management, whether located in Spain or abroad.

The main PRE Stud Book office is in the city of Sevilla (in southern Spain).  It counts on the collaboration of several veterinarian representatives who have been authorized by the PRE Stud Book in Spain and its Collaborating Associations abroad.

ANCCE has been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture since 2007 as the maximum representative of the breed to handle the PRE Stud book. Over the years, the Stud Book office has increased its indexes for quality, efficiency, and reliability; this has earned international recognition.  Today, it is considered a model for other equine breeds, especially in Europe.

According to the legislation of Spain, in law RD 2129/2008, dated the 216th of December, which establishes the National Program for the Preservation and Improvement of Farm Breeds, a Stud Book is any book, file, register or IT system managed by an officially recognized breed association or an official service that registers animals of a given breed.  Said book specifically mentions the animal’s ancestors and it constitutes an essential tool for the undertaking of Breeding Programs.

ANCCE Disciplines

Equestrian disciplines covered by ANCCE including qualification for SICAB (Seville).
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Doma Vaquera
(Country Dressage)

Alta Esquela
(Spanish High
School Dressage)