ANCCE Update: New Incentive to Promote PRE Breeding Program

New incentive to use Young Recommended Horses as Breeding Stock

ANCCE, in an effort to continue to promote PRE Breeding Program activities, has established a new measure to promote the use of breeding horses with the genetic category of Young Recommended Breeding Horses. This latest step is to provide Full-fledged members of ANCCE with free registration for the progeny of Young Recommended Breeding Horses listed in the 2020 and 2021 catalog.


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ANCCE Update: New ANCCE Logo

New ANCCE (Royal Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association) Logo

Our organization launches a new corporate image upon being granted the title of Royal, coinciding with its Golden Jubilee.

At the most recent edition of SICAB, ANCCE, the Royal Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association, introduced its new corporate image. As of today, and coinciding with its Golden Jubilee, this new logo will be used on all ANCCE communication channels.


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SICAB 2021 Update: Organisational Aspects

SICAB 2021 and home of the 7th World PRE Championships

ANCCE has announced organizational aspects for the 30th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair—SICAB 2021 and home of the 7th World PRE Championships.

The 30th edition of SICAB will be held from the 16th to the 21st of November at the Convention Center and Fair Grounds known as Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Sevilla, Spain.

Once again, ANCCE has reached an agreement with the El Corte Ingles Travel Agency to handle hotel reservations throughout the week of SICAB. Below is the link to download the Official Accommodations Form, which indicates the names and prices of the various hotels.

[PDF] Official Accommodations Form
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ANCCE Update: PRE Stud Book Renovates its Mobile App

PRE Stud Book launches its new App !

The newly developed LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book App is up and running! This most recent application contemplates a series of improvements, such as service payment options using a credit card or PayPal. It also expands the genealogies to show another level and a notification service with Stud Book news.


In an effort to offer more personalized services and processes, the PRE Stud Book office has renovated its cell phone application with an update that includes a very simple user registration system. You may now create an account in just minutes. Breeders that already have a breeder code and password for the Private Zone need not do anything to access this new App, as that breeder data continues to be valid.


All public information is still available to those interested in consulting it. All you need to do is register with an email account and password.


Further details here:


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ANCCE Update: PRE Stud book develops a new tool

PRE Stud book develops a new tool “Webcapas”


From now on, PRE Stud Book provides all stock breeders a new tool called ‘Webcapas’ , that would make planning all coverings easier in order to obtain a concrete genetic coat color.


With this tool, which is also available for mobile devices, the breeder can get a descendant prediction for a specific cross between two known genotypes, with all the possible resultant coat colors after these cross and its probability. Moreover, it provides a selection of the best genotypes that offer the highest probability to obtain a desired genetic coat color in order to cross it with a known genotype.


This valuable information is available for all breeders for free.


We hope this will be useful for you all.

[WEB] Webcapas

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