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Success for PREs at BD Premier League

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Team PRE had a successful weekend at Keysoe for the British Dressage Premier League and COPA ANCCE qualifiers.

This weekend was the second in the series of qualifying events that make up the first ever UK qualifiers for the COPA ANCCE World Dressage Championships, which will be held at SICAB.

Each PRE (Purebred Spanish horse), depending on its age and training, may participate in the ANCCE Cup from 4 year old Young Horse classes up to Grand Prix.

The top three results for each combination will be recorded in the ANCCE league table, the top 12 in the World qualifying to compete at the prestigious finals at SICAB.

Vicky Thompson-Winfield finished a spectacular 1st & 3rd in the Grand Prix Freestyle and GP with 75.38% & 70.10% respectively on the lovely Mango Jacaro.

Pete Saunders and the beautiful 5 yr old Danes CA were the first pair to contest the Young Horse UK SICAB qualifying classes whilst Alice Hurley and Charlotte Crocker-Westlake (both SICAB finalists last year) competed in the PSG & Inter 1.

All picked up COPA ANCCE medals and qualifying %s for the ANCCE league table.

For full details of the qualifying venues, dates and information about how to participate, please click here.