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Vicki Thompson-Winfield enters COPA ANCCE qualifiers

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We are delighted to announce that new GB PRE member, Samantha Francis, owner of MANGO JACARO, will be joining us in taking advantage of the first ever UK qualifiers for the COPA ANCCE World Dressage Championships.

Ridden by Olympic dressage rider Vicki Thompson-Winfield, MANGO JACARO is a 12 year old Purebred Spanish Stallion competing at Grand Prix.

Vicki began her training with Franz Rochowansky, a former chief rider of the Spanish Riding School and an Olympic dressage trainer, and has since gone on to secure 19 National Champion titles and represented Britain at international level, riding at European Championships and  the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Their recent outing to Keysoe CDI3* gained them their first of 3 qualifying scores for the COPA ANCCE PRE World Dressage Championships final which takes place at SICAB in the city of Seville in November.

Each PRE (Purebred Spanish horse), depending on its age and training, may participate in the ANCCE Cup from 4 year old Young Horse classes up to Grand Prix.

The top three results for each combination will be recorded in the ANCCE league table, the top 12 in the World qualifying to compete at the prestigious finals at SICAB.

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